Artemopolis is a library of free science fiction books and short stories made accessible on the web. I designed and developed the project myself, with an emphasis on responsive design that makes it accessible on tablets and mobile phones as well as on desktop computers.

View the site live at

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Artemopolis is a growing library of public domain books and short stories. Here are some of the features included on the site.

  • front-page summary of the most popular work and latest additions
  • email subscription that informs subscribers when new work is added
  • browse the library by title, author, publication date, word count, and popularity
  • basic and advanced search
  • frieldy page urls
  • share work through social media channels
  • responsive design


The first step in creating this website was the design. After determining the site features, I designed the user flow, created wireframes for each page, and then created high-resolution mockups.

The design work provided a template for front-end development HTML, CSS, JQuery and, PHP. Then I created a MySQL database and intergrated all the works into the site.

I also took the time to make urls on the site friendly and readable.

Each work also has social share links. SEO and share-optimization on each pages ensures that links are rich and accurate and that the site can reach users through Google and other search engines.

Social media accounts are live on Twitter and Tumblr.